Former patient accused of fire at health worker's home

A NORTHERN Rivers woman who's alleged to have set alight bins at the home of a mental health worker is receiving treatment, a court has heard.

The 55-year-old was scheduled to be sentenced over the February incident this week.

But the woman's solicitor told the court she was not present as she was an inpatient at the mental health unit of a hospital outside of the region.

The 55-year-old accused has been charged with intentionally or recklessly damaging property by fire or explosive.

According to court documents, the victim was a long-term health worker who had worked with the defendant in the past at the mental health unit of a Northern Rivers hospital.

This included involvement in placing the woman's finances under the care of the NSW Trustee and Guardian, a move which attracted great ire and allegations of theft from the defendant.

The woman attended the home of the victim on the evening of February 4, court documents said.

Only the victim's daughter was home at the time.

The defendant began with yelling about the victim from the front of her home, but ultimately set alight bins outside the home, also causing more than $2200 in damage to a nearby 4WD.

An unknown man helped, extinguishing the fire with a garden hose and a cigarette packet found next to the bins carried the defendant's fingerprints.

The matter was adjourned to a date in late September.