Former teachers' aide's drug operation 'spread misery'

A FORMER teachers' aide and veterinary nurse has been jailed for a drug operation that spread "misery through Ipswich".

Louise Maree Cox ran a drug operation out of her home in Tallegalla, selling meth to about 30 people over a three-month period.

Police were intercepting two other drug dealers' phone calls when they noticed Cox was regularly communicating with one of them.

They monitored her calls for three months and found the majority were drug related. Police intercepted 150 of Cox's phone communications and 120 were drug related.

An investigation found she had 25-30 customers, some of whom were regulars, and would sell drugs almost every day.

They raided her Tallegalla home and found drugs, illegal ammunition, phones and bags to sell drugs and needles that had not been properly disposed of.

Cox, 49, pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday to drug trafficking, possessing drugs and goods associated with trafficking, illegally possessing ammunition and failing to dispose of syringes. She was sentenced to four years' jail, suspended for five years.

Cox's defence barrister Douglas Wilson said Cox had used drugs as a young woman but had been clean for about 20 years until the recent offending. He said Cox turned to drugs after one of her five adult children became abusive due to drug-induced psychosis.

Justice Ann Lyons said it was concerning that Cox would sell drugs when they had harmed her child so significantly.

Mr Wilson said Cox became heavily addicted and began selling to fund her addiction. The court heard Cox sold mostly on credit and her income from the operation was not known.

Justice Lyons said her meth business had increased the flow of drugs into Ipswich.

"(Cox's actions) extended misery throughout the Ipswich community," she said.

"It can't be over-emphasised the misery that is clearly evident from drugs. Absolute misery is the only word for it."

Cox was released on her suspended sentence, having already served 113 days behind bars. -NewsRegional