One of Braidin Dasnov's artworks. Dasnov is the feature artist on show at Creative Artisans Gallery.
One of Braidin Dasnov's artworks. Dasnov is the feature artist on show at Creative Artisans Gallery.

Four decades in printing leads to new career as an artist

AFTER spending four decades in the printing business, Braidin Dasnov is now in semi-retirement and trying his hand at art.

It’s been a successful transition, with Braidin’s nature-based works being the feature artist at the Creative Artisans Gallery in Ballina.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the local arts community hard and Mr Dasnov is no exception to that.

“In the past two years, I’ve sold over 80 prints and since January I’ve sold nothing, so it’s very important from the artist’s point of view whose only outlet is galleries and exhibition spaces, it’s important from our point of view to get the art galleries up and running as soon as possible,” Mr Dasnov said.

It’s an exciting time for art galleries with restrictions changing in coming weeks to allow the public able to visit galleries for the first time in months.

“It’s a great relief for me for galleries to be opening up again,” he said.

“You’d say it wouldn’t have affected me but I am sure it has because you simply don’t get all the feedback you’d normally get and you don’t get to have the interaction with galleries and other artists.

“I think in the long term it leaves the artist being a bit sterile because they can’t get that interaction.”

Mr Dasnov said the Northern Rivers provided ample inspiration for his work which allowed him to bring attention to environmental issues.

“The inspiration for my art work comes from the thin strip of coastal landscape, stretching from the low tide margins to the dunes … and flora and fauna that make up that make this habitat their home,” Mr Dasnov said.

“The environmental stresses … in particular that coastal zone, I have concerns about the issues in those zones and just look to preserve what we’ve got.”

You can see Braidin’s work in the Creative Artisans Gallery, located at Shop 1 Wigmore Arcade, 145 River St.