COMMUNITY members have appealed to the Joint Regional Planning Panel to knock back a $40 million subdivision proposed for West Byron.

The Northern JRPP, chaired by Garry West, met for a determination meeting into the West Byron Landowners Group's proposal yesterday afternoon.

But they voted unanimously to defer a decision, so they can consider late documents from the applicant.

Mr West recommended the delay, despite all but one oral submission yesterday calling for the development's immediate refusal.

The new documents were made public by the JRPP last Wednesday.

The proposal's project manager Stuart Murray, who spoke on behalf of the applicant, said the documents were late due the complexity of work involved in amending the application.

"What appears to be a minor change has a far-reaching effect on multi-discipline plans," Mr Murray said.

Among those opposing the application was Maia Osborne, who urged the panel to reject the application and said many of the region's young people were cynical about the JRPP process.

"(They say) it just seems they're letting us have our yarn, and nothing is going to come of it," Ms Osborne said.

"It seems like there's nothing we can actually do to keep this from going to ahead.

"Please, do the right thing by the community and prove them wrong, because the weight of evidence against this development is undeniable."

Councillor Michael Lyon also called for the proposal's refusal.

"Fracking has more support in this community than this proposal," Cr Lyon said.

"Let's not defer, let's reject it outright."

The proposal neighbours a $25 million plan put forward by Villa World, which is also still before the JRPP.

The matters were previously considered together at a public hearing in June.

The WBLG proposal is subject to ongoing deemed refusal proceedings before the Land and Environment Court.