Frankie Boyle reacts to Scottish vote as only he can

FAMOUS reactions to the 'No' vote from 'Yes' campaigners has been a mixed bag thus far.

Some gracefully conceded the defeat - and the saviour of the Union - by thanking Scotland for taking part, and, as Billy Bragg put it, "putting devolution for England on the agenda".

Others, like Russell Brand, took a predictably revolutionary approach.

"Fear is more powerful than faith," he wrote on Twitter. "Until that changes none of us are free."

Then there was Frankie Boyle. Who posted the tongue-in-cheek following:

Which he swiftly followed up with this:

Twitter - Frankie Boyle

He is a comedian, after all.

The campaign for and against Scottish independence had a particularly high turn-out - not just the 87 per cent who voted at the polls, but of the famous faces who lent their signatures, careers and reputations to backing the 'Yes' or 'No' campaigns that preceded it.

Ultimately, it was the Better Together campaign that triumphed, preserving the nation's 307-year-old union with England after a historic, record-breaking electoral referendum.

The result means David Cameron now faces mounting pressure for constitutional change within Westminster, after he promised Scottish voters he would give them more power if they rejected independence.It also means that scores of strident celebrity pro- and anti-Union voices are desperately taking to Twitter with posts of patriotic pride or disappointment.