Peta Louise Ansford is facing a trial accused of manslaughter.
Peta Louise Ansford is facing a trial accused of manslaughter. Lee Constable

Frantic Triple 0 call: 'I didn’t mean to kill him'

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DURING a frantic triple zero phone call made in the early hours of the morning, a court heard manslaughter accused Peta Louise Ansford suggesting she was the person who delivered the fatal stab wound that killed Mackay man Luke Mitchell.

In its opening statements, the Crown told the court Ms Ansford's mother told the responder who took her call "my daughter reckons she has killed her partner". 

In the background of the call, played for a jury in Mackay Supreme Court, an inconsolable Peta Ansford can be heard screaming "I am not a killer". 

Speaking on the phone to first responders, Ms Ansford said the killing took place during a heated argument between herself and Mr Mitchell of May 7, 2017.

"We were having a domestic and he kept pushing me and kept pushing me and kept pushing me," she said in a recording played to the court.

"I grabbed a knife and stabbed him … But I  didn't mean to kill him."

While the prosecution painted a picture of a relationship fraught with dysfunction on both sides, lawyers defending Ms Ansford portrayed Mr Mitchell as a verbally, emotionally, financially and physically violent man who "drank and smoked all his money from the government".

The court heard Ms Ansford would argue the death occurred in self-defence.