CONNECTED: City Centre manager Jason Mumford is in his hot spot.
CONNECTED: City Centre manager Jason Mumford is in his hot spot. Sophie Moeller

Free CBD wi-fi creates buzz in Lismore

BLANKET wi-fi throughout Lismore's CBD could be in place by the end of the year if plans by the city's Business Promotional Program (LBPP) get the go ahead.

The LBPP's Business Panel is in the process of investigating free wi-fi throughout the CBD and is commissioning Telstra to do an installation scope and technical survey in July.

The proposal would be funded under the LBPP to create more of a buzz in the CBD by encouraging shoppers and diners to stay in the district a little longer.

Telstra has six Telstra Air wi-fi hotspots within the greater CBD which council hopes to utilise.

It is believed an additional four to six hotspots will be needed in order to provide blanket wi-fi throughout the CBD.

According to Lismore City Centre manager Jason Mumford the concept is in its infancy but is an important proposal for the future of Lismore.

"Throughout the world, wi-fi is now commonplace and people expect to be able to access the internet while shopping, dining or visiting a city centre," Jason said.

"This proposal would make sure Lismore is keeping pace with cities around the globe and providing services that our residents and our tourists want and need."

If the proposal goes ahead, subject to council approval, a service level agreement would be drawn up to define download speeds and any limits.

The Lismore Business Promotional Program has been in operation since 2009 but crucial work has been done in the past two years with initiatives under the "Lismore - Come to the Heart" brand.

The LBPP is a partnership between business, council and the community, funded by the Special Business Rate Variation Levy (SBRVL).

The SBRVL is governed by the Lismore Business Panel and administered by council.

The aim is to revitalise the city centre through year-round marketing and co-ordination of city events.