Oil Garden Aromatherapy's all-round expert, Pat Princi Jones shows how to use pure essential oils during the Industry Leaders episode.
Oil Garden Aromatherapy's all-round expert, Pat Princi Jones shows how to use pure essential oils during the Industry Leaders episode. Jasmine Burke

From humble beginnings, something big has grown

IT'S a classic feel-good 'started from the bottom, now we're here' story.

Byron Bay originated brand, Oil Garden Aromatherapy, has enjoyed success as one of the leading aromatherapy brands in Australia.

From its humble beginnings on a Byron Bay tea tree plantation to a range of more than 80 products, Oil Garden Aromatherapy - 30 years from it's inception - is stocked in more than 900 retailers across Australia and distributes internationally.

Behind the brand is highly regarded aromatherapy expert Pat Princi-Jones, who has worked with the brand for more than 12 years.

Popular Foxtel TV program Industry Leaders noticed the success of Oil Garden and will share the brand's story through Ms Princi-Jones.

Industry Leaders - an Annex Media Production -showcases the inspiration of individuals and businesses that are revolutionising and shaping their industry for the better.

Filming a health and wellbeing focused episode in Byron Bay, Industry Leaders Director Mac Emiantor said the program showcases the business men and women who are the backbone of Australia.

Each week four industry leaders from each state are chosen to represent their various segments; the show focuses on how they started, where they are now, and how they came to be.

Industry Leaders filming an episode in Byron Bay on Oil Garden Aromatherapy
(Third from Left) Senior Brand Manager, Phoebe Morley; Industry Leaders Director Mac Emiantor, Oil Garden Aromatherapy expert Pat Princi-Jones, with Industry Leaders film crew in Byron Bay. Jasmine Burke

Mr Emiantor said brands are chosen after extensive research and Oil Garden Aromatherapy stood out for doing something exceptionally interesting in their industry.

Oil garden as a natural brand is "pioneering in its (health and wellbeing) industry and driving it forward; in terms of aromatherapy and essential oils, it's as close to nature as you get”, he said.

"When you come to Byron Bay and look at companies which started here in terms of their health and wellbeing, Oil Garden Aromatherapy will be the first you look at.”

The key to a successful business? Consistency.

Oil Garden Senior Brand Manager, Phoebe Morley said it is what they can put down their long lasting success to.

"We've had consistency in our innovation, in our quality, and in our values. That is, we're a brand of up-most quality but we're accessible to everyone,” she said.

Currently in its fourth season of filming, Industry Leaders third season is being broadcast.