Sally Fitzgibbons encourages meal planning if you have a hectic lifestyle.
Sally Fitzgibbons encourages meal planning if you have a hectic lifestyle.

Sally Fitzgibbons' secrets to fueling up on the run

WITH the amount of time I spend travelling, training and between events it's important that I set aside some time to plan my meals.

This not only saves me time but also ensures I am fuelling my body with the right amount of carbs, protein and energy in order to perform efficiently.

If I ever find myself with some spare time, batch-roasting vegies is one of the easiest ways to have healthy meals already prepared.

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My maple-roasted vegetables, once cooked, can be packed into lunch-box size containers, stored in the fridge and reheated over the course of the week.

Vegies are not only a great source of slow-release energy but also tasty on their own, in a salad or alongside your meat of choice.

BATCH-ROASTING vegies is one of the easiest ways to prepare healthy meals for the week ahead. Below is a basic combination that you can easily add to your favourite seasonal vegetables. Make these vegies in bulk and store in the fridge. Toss in some fresh spinach leaves as well as your protein of choice and you're good to go.

Maple roasted vegetables

INGREDIENTS: 3 small potatoes, washed and scrubbed; 1/2 pumpkin, seeds removed; 2 sweet potatoes; washed and scrubbed; 2 red onions, outer skin removed; 1 tbs maple syrup 2 tbs olive oil; Sea salt and ground black pepper.

METHOD: Preheat your oven to 220C.

Dice potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato into 2cm cubes. Slice the red onion into eighths.

Place the vegetables in a shallow roasting dish and drizzle over the maple syrup and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Bake for 40 minutes, turning after 20 for golden, crisp vegetables.

Remove from oven and serve hot, or allow to cool before storing in the fridge in a container. Makes 4 serves.