John Wallace Edwards stood trial in the Supreme Court charged with the murder of his wife.
John Wallace Edwards stood trial in the Supreme Court charged with the murder of his wife. Bree Anderson

FULL COVERAGE: How the John Edwards murder trial unfolded

IN 2015, Grafton school teacher and beloved mother and grandmother, Sharon Edwards disappeared without a trace.

Two years later her estranged husband, John Wallace Edwards, was charged with her murder and this month stood trial in a Coffs Harbour Supreme Court.

This is how the trial unfolded:

DAY ONE: John Edwards murder trial begins

On Monday October 28 proceedings get underway.

DAY THREE: Edwards 'happier than ever' when she disappeared, court told

The jury are empanelled, and the prosecution begin its opening statement.

DAY FOUR: 'I was hoping dad would tell us what happened to mum'

Sharon and John's son Joshua Edwards gives evidence.

DAY FIVE: 'I wanted to believe Dad had nothing to do with it'

Sharon and John's two other sons, Zac and Eli, give evidence.

DAY SIX: Hit job backfired, love triangle murder trial told

The court is told Edwards blamed his wife's alleged death on a hit job gone wrong.

DAY SEVEN: Blood stains found in Sharon Edwards' home

Detectives underwent extensive forensic investigations, this is what they found.

DAY EIGHT: Accused had a 'boxer's fracture' according to expert witness

Edwards had a fracture to his right hand in the weeks after his wife's disappearance, the court heard.

DAY NINE: What happened to Sharon's mobile after disappearance?

Police tracked Sharon Edwards' phone, this is they found.

DAY TEN: Murder accused angry over wife's 'double life': court

A former neighbour gives evidence of what Edward was like in the days after his wife went missing.

DAY ELEVEN: Sharon's lover takes stand again as evidence questioned

Sharon Edwards' partner Billy Mills is recalled to give evidence when an inconsistency is found. 

DAY TWELVE: 'I found the front door open, what's going on?'

The final text messages Sharon received are relayed to the court.

DAY THIRTEEN: Edwards 'fabricated' stories to remove suspicion, court told

The prosecution begin its closing statement, weaving together the evidence heard to explain their case.

DAY FOURTEEN: Edwards the 'only suspect' in alleged murder: Defence

The defence begin its closing statement speaking for John Edwards.

DAY FIFTEEN: Deliberations begin into alleged teacher murder

The 12-person jury begin deliberations with another possible verdict handed to them at the last minute.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Jury delivers verdict

After two days of deliberation, the jury hand down the verdict.

'Five years we've waited for justice' : Joshua Edwards and his family are ready to move forward from the tragedy that has haunted them

'I had somebody's life in my hands and I let her go': Billy Mills wanted to spend his life with Sharon, he recounts his final moments with her.