A long recovery but hope in sight for this magnificent Sea-Eagle found stuck in power lines near Grafton.
A long recovery but hope in sight for this magnificent Sea-Eagle found stuck in power lines near Grafton. Melanie Barsony

Full recovery for magestic Sea-Eagle trapped in power-lines

A WHITE-bellied Sea-Eagle has had a long but successful recovery in Casino over the last few months, after she was found trapped on power line at Palmers Island near Grafton.

The Sea-Eagle became trapped when her back talon became hooked in the power lines. After struggling to try and free herself, she ended up hanging upside down from the wire for hours.

Origin Energy was called and the power turned off while and employee climbed up the pole to unhook her talon from the power lines.

Fortunately, there had been some leakage of power to earth, so while the eagle suffered burns, she had not been instantly killed, which sadly is often the case.

WIRES volunteer Tony transported the sea-eagle to the vet for immediate assessment and then transferred her to Melanie, a WIRES raptor carer in Casino.

White-bellied Sea-Eagles are a threatened species and only with a team effort from several dedicated WIRES volunteers and specialised veterinary assistance would this eagle have a chance of survival.

The young eagle had suffered a number of burns, some deep causing muscle and cartilage damage.

Over the first few weeks she was regularly transported by WIRES volunteer raptor carer Melanie to Casino Veterinary Clinic where three separate surgeries was performed by Dr. Ed King.

As her wounds slowly healed antibiotics and ointment had to be administered and applied daily; not an easy task when one is dealing with an eagle.

Three months after rescue, she was given a clean bill of health and she was transferred back to WIRES volunteer raptor handler Danny in Grafton. Here she was placed into an intermediary aviary to regain strength.

She has now been transferred to a large circular rehabilitation aviary where she can exercise freely and regain her peak physical fitness before release.

It has been a long haul for this beautiful eagle; it involved Origin Energy, specialised veterinary treatment from Casino Veterinary Clinic and a number of dedicated WIRES volunteers, all intent on seeing this threatened species flying free once again.