Funds raised to purchase prostate cancer probe

AN initiative to raise funds for a probe which aids the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, has been pushed over the line with a recent charity night. 

The Trans-Perineal Probe/CAD-MRI Gala Dinner was held on April 18 at Lismore Workers Club, in a culmination of months of fundraising for the probe.

The initiative came from the Northern Director of Cancer Services, Professor Thomas Shakespeare; Executive Director of Lismore Base Hospital, Lynne Weir; Crackin' Cancer; the Northern Rivers Prostate Support groups and many regional groups, clubs, associations and individuals.

So many regional prostate cancer patients and their families will benefit from having a trans-perineal probe located within the North Coast Cancer Institute at Lismore Base Hospital, president of Crackin' Cancer, Marshall Fittler, said.

This was thanks to the generosity, compassion and kindness of those who donated, he said, who helped them raise the $34,000 needed for the probe.

The trans-perineal probe will cost $68,000, with the Northern Director of Cancer Services, Professor Thomas Shakespeare and Executive Director of Lismore Base Hospital, Lynne Weir, already having come to the agreement of a fifty-fifty split - if the community could raise $34,000, then Lismore Base Hospital would contribute the other $34,000.

With the community having achieved their fifty percent contribution, it's now just a matter of getting the wheels in motion.

With the target reached for the Trans-Perineal  Probe campaign, the team behind it has now focussed their sights on a campaign to get a CAD-MRI for the North Coast Cancer Care Unit at Lismore Base Hospital, to the value of $88,000-$99,000, and will help detect breast, live and prostate cancers.

Medical researchers are working at developing add-ons for other types of cancer for these machines as well. 

Crackin' Cancer, who will also be co-ordinating the CAD-MRI Campaign, have stated that, the community will not be raising the whole $99,000 and are hoping that the State Government will help with the funding of this equipment.