GentleTent: inflatable tents and other camping products with no poles
GentleTent: inflatable tents and other camping products with no poles Amber Gibson

Future of deluxe glamping makes setting up camp much easier

LISMORE'S Outdoor Leisure Show proved that camping is not what it used to be, now it's simple and luxurious.

At Lismore Showground over the weekend, Jace Warden, owner of Gentle Tent, confirmed that spending your holiday in a tent could be easier with his inflatable, pole-less camping products.

Mr Warden launched the light weight, 'out of the ordinary' tents two months ago after seeing Gentle Tent's design in Austria.

"We were in Switzerland where a camper set one of these up and it amazed me," he said.


"He was set up in five minutes, sitting back and having a cold beer."

"I bought it all over to this side of the world."

Gentle Tent was one of 120 exhibitors displaying the latest camping innovations at Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter's annual fund-raiser.

Westpac's regional marketing manager Zeke Huish said this show celebrates their 21st year where they hoped to raise $100,000 like previous years.

Mr Huish said he thinks the industry's growth has evolved with the new 'heavy duty' trailers and campers available that allow people to venture further off road and be self-sustainable in remote areas.

"Technology is kicking in and things are getting a bit easier and safer."

On the caravan front, the ultra deluxe 2017 Royal Flair Piazza stood out among the hundred caravans, campers and motor homes on display.

Craig Blackler, owner of Perkins Caravan's said it's 'one of a on wheels' and has every facility you could fit in a house.

It's latest feature is a fold out patio called a 'sky deck' that is attached to the side.

"Rather than jump on a plane, they can take this and go out and stay basically anywhere," Mr Blackler said.

"People want to be self sufficient, so you have solar panels and fridges that run off gas."

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