FUTURE WORKFORCES: the impact of millennials on mining companies
FUTURE WORKFORCES: the impact of millennials on mining companies diego_cervo

FUTURE WORKFORCES: Millennials changing the mining game

MINING companies and supply businesses should already be thinking about the significant impact of millennials on their future operations.

That was one of the key messages given by Global Mining Guidelines Group chair Michelle Ash to mining leaders and resource workers during her presentation at yesterday's GW3 Future Workforces Summit.

Ms Ash said millennials were not only changing investment habits, but also workplaces.

"Some very mainstream investors are putting a lot of pressure on organisations to fundamentally change some of the aspects of their organisation," she said.

"Rio, BHP, Glencore ... a lot of the large mining companies at the moment are having a lot of pressure placed upon them from investors to really see significant climate change and greenhouse gas reductions."

Millennials still want to invest in companies, but also want to have a positive impact on the world, Ms Ash said.

The influence of the demographic cohort born between 1981 and the early 2000s extends to much more than technology and communications in the workplace.

"They're also wanting to work in ways that are much more collaborate," Ms Ash said.

"They are demanding different leadership styles - a much more socially intelligent, not just technically capable, person to lead in more collaborate ways."