2017 North Coast National.
2017 North Coast National.

PHOTO GALLERY: Showtime at the 2017 North Coast National

A SPRINKLE of rain didn't dampen spirits at the 2017 North Coast National, which heralded a comeback of Lismore's community after the devastation of the March floods.

Organiser Kylee Mitchell said over 70 stalls, several free live bands, and the showgirls shone at the annual three day event, now in its 132nd year - with the wet weather only adding to the fun.

"It's a Lismore tradition that if you want a bit rain, the show is the place to come," Ms Mitchell said on Saturday afternoon, as the weather finally began to clear for a night of rodeo.

"It was a bit of a slow start but the bands are going mental and the bars are full and everyone is really starting to stream in.

"It's great to see the buzz after last night, when we had an absolutely massive crowd for the precision driving car race."

Ms Mitchell said the racing cars took through the main arena with a local SES member, a police officer, and a showgirl  "to say thanks for their support during the floods".

"We understood there's still so many businesses and residents affected by the flood and we aimed to give as much back to the community as possible by having a massive array of different entertainment and free Time Out Adventure Segway and Laser Clay Shooting.

"Norco really stepped it up this year and gave out 400 milks to school children at Lismore Square to promote the show.

"That special sense of community may have wavered for a little while and we were severely affected here at the showground from the floods too - we still have repairs to do - but we were able to put the show on for everyone.

"We are one of the iconic events of Lismore."

Ms Mitchell said Time Out Adventure Segway and Laser Clay Shooting ran non-stop and "the community really got a ride out of it all on Thursday and Friday."

"We had some police officers shooting clays against the kids and a 13-year-old whooped their bums."

TAFE volunteers helped to run the event while Norco's Chairman Greg McNamara was an official guest of the opening ceremony on Friday night.

"It was a pretty funny moment when the main guests were coming into the main arena," Ms Mitchell said.

"They were bogged in the ring - so officials pushed them through the mud.

"The wet weather has definitely given us some very entertaining moments throughout the show.

"Let's hope as the years go on the show movement stays alive."