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TINY TREASURE: Paul Vandemeer’s rare and valuable vinyl cape Jawa figure.
TINY TREASURE: Paul Vandemeer’s rare and valuable vinyl cape Jawa figure. Contributed

He might have had the droids you're looking for

IT'S fair to say it was an obsession.

Paul Vandermeer first started collecting Star Wars figures and associated paraphernalia after the first of the George Lucas films came out in 1977. 

About $15,000 later, his huge collection peaked at 3000 pieces, including the elusive vinyl cape Jawa figurine which sells for more than $1000 on ebay and a life-size Darth Maul used as part of a fast food company's promotion of the Phantom Menace in 1999. 

Paul had been keeping his collection for his kids but when his two daughters did not share his passion he decide to put it on the Garage Sale Trail sale. Darth Maul's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Now in its fifth year, Garage Sale Trail is expected to involve upwards of 400,000 participants in more than 10,000 garage sales on October 24.

The October Garage Sale Trail is supported by Northern Star. Why not declutter all year round - book a garage sale or sell individual items for free in print & online with Northern Star Classifieds.

Co-founder Andrew Valder said the event had a serious message delivered in a fun way. "Yes, it's a great way to find a unique bargain and meet your neighbours, but it's so much more than that. The simple act of having a garage sale is used as a way to encourage reuse and place a value on the world's resources," he said.

Registration is now open on and includes a seller webpage with access to digital promotional materials.

Meanwhile, in Britain


THE great Aussie institution of the garage sale has invaded the UK.

Following the success in Australia of the Garage Sale Trail, co-founders Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols took the event to Britain in September - at Brighton & Hove, East London and Todmorden.

"WWII air raid sirens, a Doctor Who Tardis, an English manor and two convertible barbecue toilets ... We're totally humbled by the level of interest and support that Garage Sale Trail's UK debut has achieved and look forward to building on this success into the future," Mr Nichols said.