SITTING MP Thomas George believes a result in the seat of Lismore may not be known until after Easter.

In a statement released yesterday he said the result of the election in Lismore was "incredibly close".

"It is important that as the NSW Electoral Commission takes the time to ensure all ballots are properly counted over the next few days, we all respect the job they are doing," he said in the statement.

"Whatever the outcome, I will accept the decision of the people of the Lismore electorate."

Mr George may still be returned, but his primary vote has dropped by 19.5%, or 24.5% on a two-party preferred count.

While handing out how-to-vote cards in South Lismore on Saturday, Mr George made the point that a protest vote for the Greens did not get the people of Lismore a voice in government.

He acknowledged that the election in Lismore had been all about coal seam gas.

"We announced we would buy back PEL 445, and the only way you make those announcements and to do it is to be in government," he said.

"I'm concerned that if people throw the baby out with the bath water over one issue, they are throwing away their voice away in government."