An unknown person gave $200 to a local pizza shop and asked them to
An unknown person gave $200 to a local pizza shop and asked them to "pay it forward".

'GET THIS GUY A CAPE': Shout-out to Lismore's pizza crusader

AMONGST all the madness, I wanted to share a little local feel-good story.

I walked into Earth Oven Wood Fired Pizza on Keen St last night to order a takeaway pizza.

The affable staff greeted me with the following: "A guy walked into the shop upon opening tonight and gave us $200, he asked us to pay it forward. We have $10 left, would you like to take advantage of it or pay it forward?".

I was like, 'wow, pretty neat vibes for a school night... he is totally cool'.

I graciously declined as I am one of the fortunate ones to still have a job, but if my circumstances were less favourable I would have been across it for sure.

Then he said to me: "We have actually had trouble trying to get rid of it as a few others have also said to pay it forward, however on a nice note, a single mum was able to take advantage of it".

Ah, that's the kind of scenario that makes the heart sing and we love to hear - someone deserving.

So special to catch a glimpse of kindness in this way.

Amongst all the global madness, random acts of kindness are still very much alive and kicking and found at the core of little ol' Lismore's beating heart.

Many give selflessly in this town, not just monetarily but in whatever capacity they can and according to their circumstances to relieve the suffering of others - their acts, otherwise known as compassion, are what keeps the town's heart beating.

I have read and heard many random acts of kindness stories during isolation period so just adding to the mix.

Truly heart-warming!

To the random pizza crusader … get this guy a cape!

You have turned an otherwise ordinary night for some, into 'extra'ordinary. Thank you - you're ace (as are all who display active kindness in in any capacity).

To those who chose to pay it forward because they didn't want to take advantage if they were doing okay… high-five!

To the staff at Earth Oven Wood Fired Pizza - your energy and cool vibes are equally as cool as your pizzas. Thank you!

Signing off with all the feels from my warm and fuzzy heart.

Trisha, from Goonellabah.