FABULOUS FOOTY: In wet conditions the Lismore Swans played the Ballina Bombers at Oakes Oval on July 25, 2020 – now they will be back on August 15 and will history repeat? Photo: Alison Paterson
FABULOUS FOOTY: In wet conditions the Lismore Swans played the Ballina Bombers at Oakes Oval on July 25, 2020 – now they will be back on August 15 and will history repeat? Photo: Alison Paterson

GET READY: Your weekend sport starts here

SPORT is one the glues which binds the community together and this weekend there's plenty of action no matter your code.

In this challenging COVID-19 times, often sport is one the only activity which the whole family can attened.

So as this weekend sees the rebooting of the Northern Rivers Regional Rugby League and there's a great sporting match game of some kind at most towns on the Northern Rivers.

So pack the picnic rug, remember the hand santisier, sunblock (and looking the Bureau of Meteorology forecast, probably an umbrella too - and get out there and cheer from a socially distant place, your local teams this weekend.

And tell us what sporting codes you follow and why.

What's on around the grounds this weekend*


Lismore Swans at Oakes Oval

Men V Ballina 2pm Saturday

Women V Ballina 4.45pm Saturday

No reserves

Tweed Tigers at Round Mountain Oval

Women V Byron Magpies, 7pm Friday night

Reserves V Byron Magpies 12pm Saturday

Seniors V Byron Magpies 2pm Saturday


Week 5 FNC Hockey Inc. - FIXTURES

Goonellabah Complex - Turf 1

Time Div. Team 1 Team 2 Umpires

Friday - 14 August

6:25pm B1W Northern Star v Coraki (Easts B2W / S'landers B2W)

7:55pm B2W East Lismore v Summerlanders (Star B1 / Coraki B1W)

Saturday - 15 August

9:00am U9 Coraki v Star Penguins (A'ville U11's w Club Mentor)

9:00am U9 Alstonville v Star Crows (Star Magpies U11's w Club Mentor)

10:00am U11 Alstonville v Star Pandas (Ballina Blue U13's)

10:00am U11 Star Magpies v Ballina (Star U13's)

11:00am U15 Northern Star v Ballina Blue (Star SRW / East ARW)

12:00pm U13 Northern Star v Ballina (Star U15's /Ballina Blue U15's)

1:30pm ARW East Lismore v Northern Star (Jane Parrish / Star AW)

3:00pm AW East Lismore v Northern Star (Coraki AW / Ballina AW)

4:30pm AW Coraki v Ballina (Declan Robinson / Star ARW

Sunday - 16 August

9:00am U13 East Lismore v Alstonville (East U15's / A'ville U15's)

10:00am U15 East Lismore v Alstonville (East U13's / A'ville U13's w Club Mentor)

11:15am AM East Lismore v Ballina R (East BCM / Coraki BCM)

12:45pm AM Northern Star v Ballina A (East AM / Ballina RM)

2:15pm BCM East Lismore v Coraki (Star AM / Ballina AM)

Goonellabah Complex - Turf 2

Time Div. Team 1 Team 2 Umpires

Saturday - 15 August


8:45am U9 East Lismore v Ballina (East Tigers w Club Mentor)

9:45am U11 East Tigers v East Lions (Easts)

10:45am U15 East Lismore v Coraki (East U13's / Cor5aki U13's w Club Mentor)

11:45am U13 East Lismore v Coraki (Easts U15's / Coraki U15's)

1:15pm BCM Coraki v Northern Star B (Easts / A'ville)

2:45pm BCM East Lismore v Alstonville (Coraki / Star B)

Sunday - 16 August

9:15am U11East Lions v Alstonville (Easts w Club Mentor)

9:15am U11 Star Pandas v Star Magpies (Star w Club Mentor)

Ballina Complex - Ballina Turf

Time Div. Team 1T eam 2 Umpires

Friday - 14 August

6:25pm B1W Ballina v Alstonville (Ballina B2W / A'ville B2W)

7:55pm B2W Ballina v Alstonville (Ballina B1W / A'ville B1W)

Saturday - 15 August

1:30pm ARW Ballina Black v Ballina White (Daykin Stanger / Luka Venables)

3:00pm BCM Ballina B v Northern Star C (Helen Jarvie / Ballina RM)

4:30pm AM Ballina R v Northern Star (Ballina AM / Easts AM)

6:00pm AM Ballina A v East Lismore (Ballina R / Star AM)

Sunday - 16 August

9:00am U1 1 Ballina v East Tigers (Jane Parrish)

10:00am U13 Ballina v Coraki (Ballina U15's / Coraki U15's)

11:00am U15 Ballina Blue v Coraki (Ballina U13's / Coraki U13's w Club Mentor)

12:15pm BCM Ballina C v Northern Star C (Ballina B / Star B)

1:45pm BCM Ballina B v Northern Star B (Ballina C / Star C)



Grade Match Time Home Team Away Team Venue Name

SET 9:00AM Cherry Stars (All Saints) V Headlands Nemos Court 03

SET 9:00AM Lil Rascals (Lennox) V Lennox Lasers Court 04

SET 9:00AM Pink Magic (All Saints) V Lil Leopards (Lennox) Court 01

GO 9:00AM Headlands Guppies V Headlands TadpolesCourt 06

GO 10:00AM Ospreys (All Saints) V Cherry Blossoms (All Saints) Court 04

GO 10:00AM Wave Girls (All Saints) V Headlands DolphinsCourt 01

GO 10:00AM Headlands Tadpoles V Headlands DorysCourt 06

GO 10:00AM Green Goblins (Lennox) V Headlands MermaidsCourt 03


DIV 1 (11-13 YRS) 1 0:00 AM Little Legends (Lennox) V Headlands Splash Court 02

DIV 2 (11-13 YRS) 12:45 PM Little Pesties (Lennox) V Headlands Nippers Court 05

DIV 2 (11-13 YRS) 12:45PM Headlands Bluebottles V All Saints Lightning Bolts Court 06

DIV 2 (11-13 YRS) 12:45PM Coastal Cruisers Netball V All Saints Aces Court 04

DIV 1 (11-13 YRS) 11:20AM Headlands Splash V Headlands Surfies Court 01

DIV 1 (11-13 YRS) 11:20AM Pink Panthers (All Saints) V Lennox Lynx Court 02

DIV 2 (11-13 YRS) 11:20AM All Saints Tulips V All Saints Amethysts Court 03


DIV 2 (14-18 YRS) 11:20AM Lennox Green Machines V Headlands Breakers Court 04

DIV 2 (14-18 YRS) 11:20AM Headlands Tornadoes V Lennox Lightning Court 05

DIV 2 (14-18 YRS) 11:20AM Headlands Cyclones V #Cherrybombs Court 06

DIV 1 (14-18 YRS) 12:45PM All Saints Diamonds V Headlands Stingers Court 02

DIV 1 (14-18 YRS) 12:45PM All Saints Amazons V Headlands Snappers Court 01

DIV 2 (14-18 YRS) 12:45PM Stingrays (All Saints PWD) V Lennox Lightning Court 03

DIV 1 (14-18 YRS) 2:20PM All Saints Warriors V Lennox Smoothies Court 05

DIV 2 (14-18 YRS) 2:20PM All Saints Warriors V Lennox Smoothies Court 05


DIV 13:45PM Lunatics (Lennox) V Ball Bustas (Ind) Court 03

DIV 13:45PM All Pest (Lennox) V Legends (Lennox) Court 01

DIV 13:45PM 3Footers (Lennox) V Legends (All Saints) Court 05

DIV 23:45PM Legends (All Saints) V 3Footers (Lennox) Court 05

DIV 22:20PM Poppies (All Saints) V Lashes (Lennox) Court 03

DIV 22:20PM Breast Friends (Ind) V Retro (Lennox) Court 01

Brunswick Byron Netball Association

Draw Round 5

15 August 2020

12:30pm - NetSetGo

Court 7 - Tornados v Blueberries - Umpire - Tornados

Court 9 - Hurricanes v Lollipops - Umpire - Hurricanes

12:15pm - Under 12's

Court 1 - Starfish v Monsoon's - Umpire - Brooke Towers/Lulu Miller

Court 2 - Big Boys V Turtles - Umpire - Tess/Bella

Court 5 - Moocows v Billigoats - Umpire - Evie Boschma-Wagner/Lili Hopkins

Court 6 - M&M's V Burritos - Umpire - Amasra/Leela Awad

1:45pm - Under 17's and Seniors

Court 1 - Mozzies v Stingrays - Umpire - Julie Ryan/Thunder

Court 2 - Seahorses v Bliss - Umpire - Bella/Celeste

Court 3 - Mysterys v Kiwas - Umpire - Danielle Ross/Amanda Bower

Court 4 - Bombers v Cyclones - Umpire - Evie Porter/Magpies

Court 5 - Buzz v Breeze - Umpire - Jo/Ivy Glynn

Court 6 - Chinny Charges v Cruisers - Umpire - Narelle/Lucy

3:30pm - Under 17's and Seniors

Court 1 - Buzz v Hot Tuna - Umpire - Sashi/Janine

Court 2 - Coctails v Rainbow Magic - Umpire - Rebecca/Chloe

Court 4 - Narwhals v Magic - Umpire - Layla Goundrie/Pia Brittain

Court 5 - Magpies v Giants - Umpire - Della/Kelly

Court 6 - Mudslide v Thunder - Zara/Narelle


Fixtures - Round 1 16/08/20


Casino v Marist Brothers

Mullumbimby v Ballina

BYE Northern United


Cudgen v Murwillumbah

Bilambil v Tweed Coast

BYE Byron Bay


$30,000 The Hotel Cecil Casino Cup on Saturday

At Casino Racing Club, Grafton Rd, Casino


First grade team lists Round fiver August 15 2020

Ballina: 1. Sam Pearce, 2. Syd Malietoa, 3. Callam Turner, 4. Jake O'Connor, 5. Kye Cribb, 6. Brad Brown (c), 7. Jake Smith, 8. Sylvester Fahamokioa, 9. Nick Watson, 10. Sam Giltrap, 11. Samisoi Yamai, 12. Ant Lolohea, 13. Nemani Matirewa, 14. Terry Ferguson, 15. Joel Noble

Coach: Karl Lupton


Bangalow: 1. Dan Pym, 2. Omar Sella, 3. Liam Mustchin, 4. Jock Craigie, 5. Rob Wightman, 6. Jack Bensley, 7. Ryan Biscoe, 8. Darcy Hilton (c), 9. Will Latham, 10. Will Hawkins, 11. Daniel Proudman, 12. Blake Neilsen, 13. Jed Erickson, 14. Hamish Guest, 15. Chase Hay

Coaches: Tim Cohen, Ross Larsson

Referee: Matt Clayton

Casino: 1. Craig Connolly, 2. Jake Clark, 3. Brock Armstrong, 4. J Nelson, 5. Corey Townsend, 6. Josef Lalabalavu, 7. Marcus Cusack, 8. Jacob Dunn, 9. Ben Collison, 10. Stephen Murchie (c), 11. Nick Benn, 12. Carl Tahatu, 13. Bryce Spencer, 14. William Campbell, 15. Korey Bennett

Coach: Doug Murray


Grafton: 1. Jack Anderson, 2. Billy Whalan, 3. Chris Owen, 4. Guy Robertson, 5 James Hughes, 5. 6. Rob Hill, 7. Josh Rigg, 8. Ed McGrath, 9. Adam Smidt, 10. Kyle Hancock, 11. Timothy Rigg, 12. Jake Martin, 13. Luke Worthing, 14. Ethan Meyer-Creighton, 15. Michael Wright

Coach: Brett Graham

Referee: Peter Campbell

Lennox Head: 1. Angus Langfield, 2. John Young, 3. Kurt Orlanno, 4. Jake Carter, 5. Mick Muir, 6. Hayden Blair, 7. Dylan McKissock, 8. Callum Jones (c), 9. Sunny Sheather, 10. Berrick Barnes, 11. Tas De Groot, 12. Sam Stewart, 13. Callum S Jones, 14. Marty McNamara, 15. Zak Condon

Coach: Rob Fish


Lismore: 1. Tate Bailey, 2. Cameron Bryant, 3. Ben Carroll, 4. Nick Forzan, 5. Gavin Tulk (c), 6. Isaac McLean, 7. Ryan Wolton, 8. Inasa Naulivou, 9. Jack Everingham, 10. Chris Clark, 11. Perry Daly, 12. Jake Lennon, 13. Cody Johnston, 14. Romulo Lewenqila, 15. Stephen Hughes

Coach: Ray Taylor

Referee: Peter Brown

Casuarina Beach: 1. Dan Raye, 2. Trent Ryan, 3. Max Graham, 4. Tom Tanner, 5. Chris Dowling, 6. Mikaere Pentito, 7. Jem McDonald, 8. Matt Worland, 9. Sam Harrison, 10. Vitori Buatava (c), 11. Tuveia Leon, 12. Jay Younger, 13, Kai George, 14. Webb Lillis, 15. Casey Calder

Coach: Mick Hall


Wollongbar Alstonville: 1. Benji Tiatia, 2. Bill Johnston, 3. Jaiden Reginato, 4. Sam Jones, 5. Josh Galbraith, 6. Austin Markwort, 7. Zac Hyatt, 8. Hamish Mould (c), 9. Louis Hollman, 10. Ben Damen, 11. Bodi Smith, 12. Jake Lubrano, 13. Rory Collings, 14. James Vidler, 15. Sam Kerry

Coach: Paul Jeffery

Referee: Rob Walker


A good day out will be held at Eureka FC as they hold their zero-tolerance abuse on and off the ground event.

Men's Premier League


Alstonville FC v Goonellabah FC Crawford Park Alstonville 8pm


Lismore Richmond Rovers FC v Byron Bay FC Bill Harris Field East Lismore 3pm

Bangalow Bluedogs v South Lismore FC Jeff Schneider Field Bangalow 3pm


Maclean Bobcats v Lismore Thistles SC Wherrett Park Maclean 2.30pm

TUESDAY 18th August

South Lismore FC v Lismore Thistles SC Caniaba St Field South Lismore 6pm

Bangalow Bluedogs v Goonellabah FC Jeff Schneider Field Bangalow 8pm

WEDNESDAY 19th August

Alstonville FC v Lismore Richmond Rovers FC Crawford Park Alstonville 8pm

THURSDAY 20th August

Maclean Bobcats v Byron Bay FC Wherrett Park Maclean 7.30pm

Women's Premier League


Goonellabah FC v Bangalow Bluedogs Weston Park Goonellabah 7pm

Alstonville FC v Byron Bay FC Crawford Park Alstonville 8pm

Lennox Head FC v Lismore Thistles SC Skennars Head 8pm

WEDNESDAY 19th August

Alstonville FC v Bangalow Bluedogs Crawford Park Alstonville 6pm

Lismore Thistles SC v Byron Bay FC John Ryan Field East Lismore 8pm

* All sporting fixtures supplied and published in good faith.

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