Sally Fitzgibbons has joined us in our quest for a healthier region. Photo: contributed

Get your summer bod with Sally: Week 7

22nd October 2016 6:00 AM

IN week seven of Sally Fitzgibbons' fitness challenge you can try the bear crawl, the up and down plank and wide squat. 

You can also pair these workouts up with other activities and sign up for our Strava App so can represent your region in APN's Kick the Kilos challenge. 


Upper Body

Bear crawl

Start with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and arms out in front of you. Move hands and feet forward, same hand moves forward as the foot. Try not to let hips move too high up as you move forward.


  Up and down plank (slow)    Elbows stay under shoulders. Keep belly button squeezed into spine. Kep neck, spine, hips and toes in a straight line. Slowly push yourself up one after the other until you reach a high plank/pushup position. Hold, slowly lower back down on to your elbows one arm after the other.    



Start lying on back, legs and knees bent with feet flat on floor. Hands on head, squeeze core to lift head and shoulder blades up off floor. Control on the way back down and remember to breathe.    


Lower Body

Glute bridge

Lying on back facing ceiling, bend knees so that heels are in near glutes. Use your palms either side of hips for balance. Drive up through feet to squeeze glutes and hips raise as high as they can then control back to just above floor and repeat.


Wide squat

Start with your feet at hip-width apart and slowly lower down into a squat, keeping your back straight and your chest up. With every rep, aim to go as low as you can while maintaining good form.

High plank

Start on hands and toes, you can drop knees to the floor if need be. Keep hips, shoulders and toes in line with each other. Squeeze glutes, legs and core and ensure shoulders are directly above hands.    


Full Body

SKIPPING: <half_circle> 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s

  PUSH-UPS: 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s  


Start on all fours in high plank position. Keep hips, spine and neck in line with each other. Lower chest to ground, keeping pelvis tucked under. 



SKIPPING: <half_circle> 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s   CRUNCHES REACHING:  <half_circle> 15s/30s/45s/60s/ 45s/30s/15s   Start lying on back, legs straight up in the air. Take hands behind head with straight arms and squeeze core to lift head and shoulder blades up off floor. Reach for toes with straight arms at the top and control on the way back down.  


SKIPPING: <half_circle> 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s   BURPEES:  <half_circle> 15s/30s/45s/60s/45s/30s/15s   Start in a standing position, place hands on floor in front of you by bending knees and hips. Jump feet back to straighten legs while arms stay strong and straight (shoulders above hands). Jump feet back in and stand up tall then jump at the top with hands above head.