A TRIO of minions on a property at Nobby has been causing drivers to stop and stare.

The miniature yellow creatures are the stars of the Despicable Me movie and now even have their own movie, Minions.

The hype around the new film gave mother-of-five Kylie Wilkins the idea to recreate the popular characters out of bales of hay.

She said they were receiving a lot of attention.

Kylie Wilkins with the hay bale Minions she, husband Rodney Wilkins and family made to stand at the front of their property near Nobby, Monday, July 20, 2015. Photo Kevin Farmer / The Chronicle
Kylie Wilkins with her hay bale minions. Kevin Farmer

"I saw other people were making hay bale minions on Facebook and my husband said he wanted his own minion so I said we should make one," Mrs Wilkins said.

"We started off by making one and it was so popular with the public that we had to build more.

"People stop all the time to check them out and take photos.

"It's nice that we are able to make people happy with something so simple," she said.

Mrs Wilkins, her husband Rodney Wilkins and their two youngest children spent two hours bringing the creatures to life.

Two of the minions, Stuart and Kev stand more than two meters tall.


Mrs Wilkins said her children loved the minions.

"I didn't think they would be as popular as they have been. I only did it for the kids," Mrs Wilkins said.

"We'll keep them here for as long as we can and I've decided to keep coming up with different creations.

"When a big movie comes out, I'm going to try and build characters from them as well," she said.

The oversized minions are located on Mt Kent Boundary Rd in Nobby.