The Industrial Cafe in Burleigh’s Owner Jacqui Scorgie. Picture Glenn Hampson
The Industrial Cafe in Burleigh’s Owner Jacqui Scorgie. Picture Glenn Hampson

Heartbreaking story behind new Coast cafe

THE road to opening a business is rarely straightforward - none more so than the trail that led to the new Industrial Cafe Burleigh.

The cafe is owned by Jacqui Scorgie and while it's not her first rodeo in hospitality, it is the first time she'll be doing it solo.

Jacqui previously owned The Department of Coffee in Palm Beach before a personal loss forced her to close the cafe last August.

Yum. Picture Glenn Hampson
Yum. Picture Glenn Hampson

"I had the Department of Coffee for five years," Jacqui says. "I had a messy marriage break up and we ended up closing the doors to it.

"This is my next solo venture."

She says there's already a buzz surrounding her new cafe as old customers look forward to sharing a laugh over a cup of joe again ahead of the opening next week.

"When the Department closed, I had people saying 'can you come back now?'," Jacqui says.

Jacqui Scorgie. Picture Glenn Hampson
Jacqui Scorgie. Picture Glenn Hampson

"I needed a rest and a break and rejuvenation. I'm so excited about what we're doing now, I know it's going to be really well-received and appreciated."

The new eatery is located in the industrial area of Burleigh Heads, and its menu of house-made granola, croissants and toasties will no doubt be a welcome change for nearby workers.

"I know from what's up there, the tuckshop things and takeaway food, people working in those factories appreciate paying for a nice coffee, something a bit more up-market," Jacqui says.

One of the treats. Picture Glenn Hampson
One of the treats. Picture Glenn Hampson

"It will be a bit health conscious. We're going to do turmeric lattes, coconut and soy milk.

"I used to make granola at the Department and a lot of people have been screaming for me to make granola for them.

"It's going to be done beautifully, using Proud Mary's coffee from Melbourne. Their coffee is absolutely divine.

"It's quite cool and trendy, something that's not up in the industrial area."

Unfortunately it was another family's tale of grief that spurred this opportunity for Jacqui.

The cafe is attached to Lloyd's Chopper Shop, a motorcycle store and garage owned by the brother of late photographer and motorbike-rider Tim Caraco.

The cafe opens next week. Picture Glenn Hampson
The cafe opens next week. Picture Glenn Hampson

The family decided to scale back operations after Tim's tragic passing late last year, which meant finding a new tenant for the adjoining cafe.

After keeping her eye on the market for months, Jacqui new it was the right space for her.

"It's been a waiting game for the right thing to come up," she says.

"I have known I wanted a small space and to keep it boutique and specialised. It was just really being in the right time and place for me.

"It's very cool, industrial, quite dark, like a little cave. It's very inviting and welcoming.

"When I saw it, my excitement levels just went out of this room. It's like love at first sight.

"I just really want people to know I'm there, to come and support me.

"I'm pretty confident once people come and have a beautiful coffee and have a laugh with me they'll keep coming back."

The Industrial Cafe will open January 21 at 3a, 14 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads.