MARGOT Robbie could be in danger of becoming known as the Hollywood actor with the biggest potty mouth.

While the Queensland star is receiving critical acclaim for her role as figure skater Tonya Harding in I, Tonya - including an Oscar nomination - the film's use of profanities became a talking point when Harding herself pointed to it as one of her biggest gripes with the film.

Considering Robbie's breakout Hollywood role in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street was also a record-breaking use of the f-word expletive, even the Queensland star is noticing a theme.

"That's my fault. I swear so much when I act. I get caught up in the moment. It's a terrible habit. I did apologise to her about the swearing," Robbie told the Australian during her recent visit to Australia.


The 2013 film set a new Guinness World Record for the most swearing in one film with the same f-word expletive used a whopping 506 times at an average of 2.81 times per minute.

In I, Tonya, which is rated MA 15+, the characters swear approximately 180 times, averaging 1.5 profanities a minute - which for a film that involves sequences of silent ice skating is not an easy feat.

While Allison Janney as ruthless mother LaVona Golden contributes heavily, Robbie's vocabulary of profanities in the film is impressive.

"Trust me, I don't say the word [expletive] 120 times a day. That might come out once in a while when something really bad happens or I hurt myself. I mean, the movie portrayed me as this person who cussed every 10 seconds and I don't cuss like that," Harding told the New York Times.

“I, Tonya” starring Margot Robbie
“I, Tonya” starring Margot Robbie

In one memorable scene of creative license, Harding confronts the judging panel in front of a stadium of fans, hurls obscenities at them and tells them to "suck my d---" - which Harding insisted never happened.

"I did not go to the judges on the ice and talk to them like that in front of everyone. When I spoke to the judges they were in the back hallway room telling me you need to have better dresses. I go, 'Well if you can find me $5000 dollars to make me a dress then I'll wear it and I won't have to sew these anymore.' I go, 'You know what? Out of my face!'"

“I, Tonya” starring Margot Robbie
“I, Tonya” starring Margot Robbie

Robbie attended the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) nominees party at Kensington Palace on Saturday ahead of the awards ceremony in London today, where she is up for best actor for her role in I, Tonya.

She was also announced at the weekend as a presenter at next month's Academy Awards, adding to her nomination.