Aerial of Lismore, Suburbia. Photo Jay Cronan
Aerial of Lismore, Suburbia. Photo Jay Cronan

GOOD TIMING: NBN expands reach on Northern Rivers

WITH more of us than ever working from home, internet connectivity has never been so important.

On the Northern Rivers, 6000 home and business owners are now able to access the National Broadband Network, with the telco finishing construction in Lismore and Ballina local government areas.

West Ballina, Howards Grass, Lismore, Lismore Heights, North Lismore, South Lismore and Girards Hill are the most recent suburbs connected in a local network covering more than 15,000 properties.

These residents join more than 11 million Australian homes and businesses, ready to connect or connected to the NBN.

People living and working in these areas should contact their preferred phone and internet provider to discuss their internet usage and determine a package that suits their needs.

While major construction works have been completed, there may be additional work required at some premises before the internet is up and running.

Regional Development Australia’s Northern Rivers spokesman Tim Williamson said the rollout comes at a great time.

“RDA Northern Rivers welcomes the good news that NBN Co’s final roll out to Ballina and Lismore has now been completed,” Mr Williamson said.

“Residents and businesses have been looking forward to this day. And I know that connecting to the NBN network will be a game changer for them and couldn’t come at a better time.

“The increased broadband access will really help people to cope better with the additional online demands that they are experiencing at this time.”

NBN Co’s local manager Ian Scott said nearly all homes and businesses in the area would be able to order the service.

“It’s important to remember that making the switch is not automatic. We recommend you contact your preferred phone and internet provider to discuss the right speed plan for your household or business needs and to place an order,” Mr Scott said.

“As the rollout nears completion, residents are also warned to be wary of scammers pretending to collect payment on behalf of NBN Co.

“If someone claiming to work for NBN Co has contacted you trying to sell you an internet or phone service, ask for their details, hang up and call your phone and internet provider to check if they are legitimate. If you’ve already provided your details, contact your financial institution immediately.”