Bentley Blockade site
Bentley Blockade site Marc Stapelberg

Goodwill unlocks Gate A at Bentley

CLEAN-UP TIME: What was just a fortnight ago the epicentre of a community revolt against coal-seam gas, was, after yesterday's blockade clean up, just another rural roadside.

Where once stood tripods, poles, tents, posters, and at times thousands of people, was not much at all.

Yesterday a lone excavator worked to clear Bentley's "Gate A", the main entrance to the planned drill site in an "act of goodwill" by the anti-gas community.

The last item put on a waiting trailer was a hollowed-out red hatchback once cemented into the ground.

You would be forgiven for thinking one of Australia's most significant protests had never happened - except there was no drill rig in sight.