It might have a clear message, but who did it remains a mystery.
It might have a clear message, but who did it remains a mystery. Ruth Lorraine

Graffiti stirs up deeper issues among residents

TWO simple words spray-painted on the Iluka break wall have evoked much debate among residents.

The phrase 'No Cameras' spray-painted across two concrete dividers at the entrance of the break wall appeared late last week, with one resident ironically taking a photo and posting it on to an Iluka community Facebook page asking what it could all mean.

Since appearing on social media on Friday afternoon, dozens of residents have weighed in, with suggestions that the graffiti belongs to local surfers who don't want their favourite spot to become a tourist destination.

"It's a surf culture thing.. same as in Byron bay and plenty of other well known surf breaks around the world.. the locals hate sharing the surf with non locals.. pity they don't realise theses towns need the tourists to survive," one poster has said.

Historically, enforcers and graffiti have warned outsiders, especially those with cameras who advertise a local surf spot on social media, to steer clear of breaks that are popular among locals.

According to one resident, this isn't the first time it has happened.

"It was repainted and they went there and done it again," they said.

The incident has also stirred up other issues affecting Iluka deemed more important than a few disgruntled locals wanting tourists to leave their piece of paradise alone.

"If you want to protest, protest against the planned resort in town. They will bring people of the ilk you don't want," one poster said.

"I find that a whole less confronting that the broken bottles and human feces left behind by the illegal campers that frequent the wall carpark," another added.

Either way, while the intended message is loud and clear, who exactly did the deed remains a mystery.

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