Gwen Salisbury's Mooloolaba property has been resumed by Sunshine Coast Council for road purposes.
Gwen Salisbury's Mooloolaba property has been resumed by Sunshine Coast Council for road purposes. Warren Lynam

Grandma 'stressing out' about being bulldozed from home

UNCERTAINTY about whether or not Gwen Salisbury will get the compensation she wants for being forced from her home is stressing her out.

Her Mooloolaba home was resumed by Sunshine Coast Council last week to make way for a new road connection between Naroo Ct and Muraban St.

The roadworks are part of the council's Brisbane Rd upgrade project.

Mrs Salisbury, 76, has until February to get out of the property she has owned for about 40 years, but as yet has not seen a cent of compensation.

She fears the council will stiff her and pay her far less than what she believes it is worth.

"We are now in limbo," Mrs Salisbury said.

"All we have done is apply for compensation.

"Hopefully they pay me, otherwise I'll be chained to that tree (in the front yard)."

She said she had been set to meet with council representatives earlier this week but they cancelled with late notice.

"They are bullies and they are going to bulldoze me out."

Mrs Salisbury said the council had offered her $780,000 earlier this year but noting the land's high density residential zoning and other property sales prices and offers, Mrs Salisbury thought it was worth far more.

She noted the council had paid $854,000 for a vacant block behind hers in 2010.

"I've got to battle to try to prove what my house is worth but they just won't budge.

"It's certainly stressing me out."

A council spokeswoman said the council had tried to arrange a meeting with the land owner and her valuer on several occasions and each time this was rejected.

"Council also attempted to arrange a meeting between the valuers but this was also rejected," the spokeswoman said.

She said Mrs Salisbury had been unwilling to meet with the council's valuers.

"The land owner has disputed land values provided by the independent valuer council has engaged, but has not provided any information from a registered valuer to support her claims.

"Council will pay market value for this property as determined by independent valuers.

"To pay above market value would be an irresponsible use of ratepayer funds."

This was despite a previous statement from the council saying the resumption would be paid for by a combination of infrastructure charges provided by developers, with a minor contribution coming from general revenue.

The spokeswoman said connecting Naroo Ct to Muraban St would better manage traffic congestion, accommodate projected growth and provide for both north and southbound traffic exiting Mooloolaba.

She said the council confirmed on Thursday morning that the date for Mrs Salisbury to vacate the property was February16.