Senate MP Fred Nile
Senate MP Fred Nile Marc Stapelberg

Greens accuse Nile of 'stacked inquiry' on electricity

THE man who holds the balance of power in the New South Wales Parliament has slammed the Greens for claiming his inquiry into electricity privatisation was a stitch-up.

Greens MP Dr John Kaye blasted Christian Democrats leader Fred Nile for setting up a "stacked inquiry" to silence opposition to the government's poles and wires leasing.

"Mr Nile continues his strong track record of rolling over to the government on every critical issue," Dr Kaye said.

"This is a stitch-up job, clearly written in collaboration with the Baird Government.

"This inquiry will comprehensively ignore the impacts of electricity privatisation on the future of renewable energy.

"There will be no space for roof-top solar, wind or solar thermal.

"There will no voice for technologies of the future that stand to lose badly in a privately-owned electricity network.

"It's like the inquiry was happening 25 years ago."

The inquiry has been expanded to nine members following the Greens' complaints last week about not being included.

Rev Nile hit back at the Greens for misleading the public.

"The Greens are either uninformed or are intentionally misleading the public, or a combination of the two, by associating the leasing of poles and wires to renewable energy which is a federal matter, not a state matter," he said.

"We can assure the public that we will stand firm on our commitments and requirements for the proposed poles and wires lease, including the guarantee to lower pricing for all users, guaranteed workers' conditions and job security.

"We will also assure that all options are explored in the aim to maintain the ownership of poles and wires in Australia."