Pat Walsh, who has experience in the not-for-profit sector, will be tilting for The Greens in the Ipswich City Council elections.
Pat Walsh, who has experience in the not-for-profit sector, will be tilting for The Greens in the Ipswich City Council elections.

Greens announce mayoral candidate for March elections

THE Greens have announced as candidate for mayor for the Ipswich City Council election.

Pat Walsh has lived in Ipswich with his family for the past 20 years and has 30 years experience managing commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Mr Walsh said he had experience in strategic planning, financial management, technology, housing and social services.

"I want to rebuild trust between Council and the community, and give the community a real say in the future of Ipswich," he said.

"We have suffered under corrupt politicians and cronyism for decades, and we're seeing the results - poor planning, over-development, massive dumps and the death of the city centre.

"Property developers and mega waste companies have been able to make huge profits, while people in Ipswich have struggled with unemployment, rising cost of living and a lack of investment in public transport, affordable housing, community services and infrastructure.

"Our fast-growing community deserves better.

"As Mayor, I would give Ipswich a clean, transparent start. I'd work with the community to build transparency, improve public transport, create jobs, and better manage natural resources."

Mr Walsh said his key prorities are:

● Ensure transparent council decision-making, fix toxic culture, live-stream committee meetings and mandate community consultation for all major council decisions

● Work with the State Government to deliver cheap, high frequency public transport that meets the needs of a growing city.

● Ensure the Council budget meets the needs of the community and invest in the rejuvenation of the CBD, affordable housing initiatives, active transport and mining rehabilitation.

● Create an Environment Protection Unit to manage polluting industries, including waste and mining.

● Review all recent major development approvals, and halt and review the Deebing Creek development.

● Develop a comprehensive disaster management plan, invest in publicly-owned clean energy, and recognise the climate emergency.


"In 2020, Ipswich has the opportunity to vote for a Mayor who will listen and put the community first," Mr Waslh said.

"The Greens are the only party in Queensland that don't take corporate donations, which means I'd be dedicated to working for everyone, from Goodna to Grandchester.

I'm proud to be running for a party that always puts the community first, and won't be swayed by property developers and mega waste companies."