Anti-rail trail stance may have cost votes, campaigner says

EVERYONE'S talking about how the Nationals have bled votes to the Greens at this year's state election over CSG, but one voting pattern may have gone the opposite way.

Longtime rail trail campaigner Will Jeffery, of Nimbin, is a traditional Greens voter, but one of a minority of Nimbin voters to cast in favour of Thomas George this year.

What pushed him to vote against the Greens was their oppositional stance on the rail trail.

In Lismore, given the closeness of the race, this anti-rail trail legacy may have even cost candidate Adam Guise the seat.

"I didn't want to be forced after all these years campaigning for the trail to be faced with supporting a party which poohed poohed the idea," Mr Jeffery said.

"I ended up voting for Thomas George because he is in support of the same rail trail vision that we have."

Northern Rivers Rail Trail member Marie Lawton said she knew people who didn't vote Green because of the rail trail, despite a dominant flow to the Greens over CSG.

"I think the Greens did lose quite a few (votes) because of their position on the rail trail," she said.