Current Byron Shire councillors.
Current Byron Shire councillors.

Greens select candidates for the next council election

THE Byron Greens have announced the party's candidates for the 2021 council elections.

Former Byron Shire councillor Duncan Dey has released a statement saying he will lead the team of Greens candidates heading to the ballots.

The council election had initially been due to be held in September this year but the Covid-19 pandemic led to its postponement.

It will now be held in September, 2021.

Along with Mr Dey, the ballot will include current deputy mayor Sarah Ndiaye, Matt O'Reilly, Kate Coxall and Ian Cohen.

"The community has asked over and over for council to protect the shire rather than

carve it up," Mr Dey said.

"We want Biodiversity maximised as the flagship of environmental protection.

"We want our living conditions enhanced not degraded by development.

"We want local economies like food production to blossom and to wean us off tourism.

"We want visitors to pay their way in Byron Shire as well as contributing to industry profit.

"I am delighted that Byron Greens members agree that Council needs to change direction.

"I am proud to lead the team that will deliver that change, if we're elected."

Mr Dey said there was a "diversity of voices" on the ticket.

"They reflect our diverse community," he said.

"We have a long 'shopping list' of changes for Council 2021-24.

"And we have 15 months now to keep listening to the shire and to let the community know how we'll achieve change."

Mr Dey said he acknowledged the work of "current Greens councillors including the mayor", including recent steps to protect the community from Covid-19.

Prior to the election being postponed, mayor Simon Richardson had confirmed he would not be contesting the job again at the next election.

Along with Cr Richardson, current Greens councillors not named on the ticket are Michael Lyon and Jeannette Martin.