David Kitchen is hosting a world record attempt for the most number of people brewing beers.
David Kitchen is hosting a world record attempt for the most number of people brewing beers. David Nielsen

Guinness won't drink to record

CONTROVERSY is brewing over a world record attempt that was set to mark the end of Queensland's first Beer Week.

Organisers are aiming to set a world record for the number of beer enthusiasts brewing beer in the one place, but the Guinness World Records won't recognise the attempt.

Six months ago the iconic book turned the page on alcohol-related records after health concerns for record setters - a little ironic for a book bearing the name of a world famous dark beer.

Brewers Choice owner David Kitchen, organiser of the event, was left in disbelief when his idea for the attempt was passed over.

"We originally wrote to them because we wanted to set a world record," he said.

"It's a little unreasonable. I can understand but it's not like we are consuming it."

Guinness World Record's Australian representative Chris Sheedy said attempts involving alcohol were ruled out, along with those relating to gluttony.

The record attempt will go ahead and the challenge will be thrown down to craft beer festivals across the world to beat.

Organisers hope to pack the Wacol Brewers Choice store's car park on Boundary Rd with craft beer lovers brewing their own unique beverages.

The first pint will be poured for Queensland Beer Week on Monday, with the world record attempt to go ahead on July 21.

"We are aiming to have 100 brewers up and running of all different standards."

Mr Sheedy said each year record attempt categories were reviewed by a panel of experts.

"We seek advice from experts and decide whether certain categories must be rested or others should be started up," he said.

"So, for example, a few years ago we rested all gluttony records and introduced new, safer and healthier categories for speed eating and speed drinking."

For example, he said records were changed to the fastest time to eat three items, as opposed to most items eaten.

Participants will need to bring their own equipment and ingredients to join in the upcoming beer brewing attempt.