Torch lights gave an eerie glow on the Headstones
Torch lights gave an eerie glow on the Headstones

Gympie Family History Society Cemetery Crawl

Gympie Family History Society Inc. held their first Cemetery Crawl for the year on Wednesday 7th October 2020. There were 35 people in attendance.

We even had a couple of people with wheelie walkers attend. As the area was not to steep, they had no problem using them.

The evening got off to a start with President Wendy, welcoming attendees and explaining where they would be going, then at 6.30pm, everyone followed Wendy, who guided them to the first grave site in the Roman Catholic Selected area.

The crawl then moved on to the Methodist Selected area, followed by the Methodist Private area and lastly the Roman Catholic Private area. We visited 9 grave sites on the evening and learnt some interesting facts about the deceased and their families.

Everyone was asked to bring a torch (to help find their way) and the torch light made an awesome sight, wandering around the cemetery.

The speakers Val, Marilyn and Wendy also had torches to unable them to read the scripts about the deceased, which gave them and the headstone and eerie glow.

A friendly frog even came out to see what was going on.

At the end of the crawl everyone enjoyed a light supper prepared by the Gympie Family History Society, Kitchen Fairies.

The raffle was drawn and the lucky winner received a voucher for Gingers' Fruit and Veg. Participants collected their booklets, on all the grave sites visited during the evening, before they left.

Feed back on the night was very gratifying. The Gympie Family History Society will be continuing their cemetery crawls and other functions in 2021.

Dates can be found on the website and facebook page.