A Gympie mum lost her licence for 10 months and been fined after
A Gympie mum lost her licence for 10 months and been fined after "totalling” her car while five times the legal limit. Brett Wortman

Mum five times over limit when she totalled her car

A DRUNKEN pre-Christmas car crash continues to be a painful experience for a Southside mother, who was this week slapped with a 10-month driving ban after recording a BAC five times the legal limit.

Three days before last Christmas Rachael Ann Smith crashed her car on Hilton Rd and was taken to Gympie Hospital. A blood test returned a reading of .252.

Representing herself in Gympie Magistrates Court the mother of two teenagers, who has no previous traffic history, told Magistrate Chris Callaghan she was guilty.


A Casino woman has appeared in court over drink driving charges.
Smith said she was drinking "half-strength vodka”. Jesper Wittorff

"I made a mistake. A big one," she said.

Smith said she had "totalled" the car in the crash and was more than $5000 out of pocket.

Asked by Mr Callaghan what she was drinking to have recorded that level, Smith said it had been "half-strength" vodka. Mr Callaghan fined Smith $800, recorded a conviction and disqualified her licence for 10 months.


The Gladstone Police are out in force these school holidays to make people more aware not to drink and drive and not to speed. Photo Brenda Strong/The Observer
A Toorbul man was caught driving with a .075 blood alcohol content. Brenda Strong GLA081211SAFE

In a separate drink-driving case a Toorbul man's camping trip ended with a $250 fine and one month driving ban.

Luke Damien Jenkins, 33, pleaded guilty to driving over the legal limit on January 28.

He was picked up at an RBT on Brisbane Rd. Jenkins told the court he did not think he was over the limit at the time. No conviction was recorded.