DEFENCE: The controversial sculpture is attracting support.
DEFENCE: The controversial sculpture is attracting support. Christian Morrow

Hands off our dong: Support swells for Byron sculpture

THE long and brutal saga of Byron's Lighthouse sculpture, aka 'The Disco Dong', continues with the emergence of a clandestine group pushing for the controversial sculpture to be retained.

The Dong Appreciation Society, with the catch phrase "Hands off our dong", has attached a sign to the sculpture, adding to the two teddy bears and an indigenous flag that already adorn the structure.

DISCO DONG: What happened and where to next

Following widespread criticism of the $55,000 sculpture Byron Shire Council last month voted to decommission the work and sell off the birds for $20 each.

By the beginning of September, the council had been contacted by around 300 people interested in purchasing one of the birds.

If all 5000 birds are sold, the council will raise $100,000 with the money raised going towards developing a Byron Shire Council Cultural Policy and projects working to reduce homelessness in the Byron Shire.

No announcement has been made regarding a time line for demolition..

A spokesperson for the council confirmed around 300 people had expressed interest in the birds so far.

"Many of the requests have been for multiple birds so we are now close to having requests for around 2000 birds," they said.

"People will be notified when the birds are ready for sale at the Resource Recovery Centre in Myocum and the point of sale ($20 per bird) will happen then."

A groundswell of support for the Dong is no surprise, as a Northern Star online poll revealed one third voted in favour of retaining the sculpture.

To register your interest in buying a bird go to: