Hands-on experience

Third-year medical students Edward Stephan and Isabel Watt.
Third-year medical students Edward Stephan and Isabel Watt. Tanya Easterby

KILKIVAN students will learn a thing or two about exercise, nutrition and sexual health today from third-year medical students Isabel Watt and Edward Stephan.

The student doctors from University of Queensland chose Kilkivan P-10 State School for an assignment they are required to carry out as part of their university work placement program; medicine and society.

They have been at Gympie Hospital for the past six weeks learning the ins and outs of a regional hospital while developing their health project for Kilkivan.

Isabel and Edward will conduct two sessions. One has a focus on exercise and nutrition for students in Years 2 and 3, and the second on sexual health for students in Years 9 and 10.

"We did some research and found only half the houses in Kilkivan have internet access," Isabel said.

With only 50% of students able to access basic information online, Isabel and Edward set out to deliver education about health to this community.

"We wanted to include what happened in a sexual health screen to take away the mystery surrounding it," Isabel added.

Gympie Hospital was the pair's first preference for their work placement and they have enjoyed their stay.

"We both preferred Gympie because it is one of the biggest regional hospitals," Edward said.

"I've heard good things about Gympie Hospital from other students. It's been really good. You get more hands-on experience compared to the bigger hospitals in Brisbane."



Gympie Hospital is one of the most popular regional hospitals among UQ medical students because of its size and reach.

Around half the homes in Kilkivan have no internet, considered a major educational tool for health services.