Black coffee, a big breakfast and a cold shower have all been touted as hangover cures... but do they work?
Black coffee, a big breakfast and a cold shower have all been touted as hangover cures... but do they work? Contributed

Hangover 'cures': Will these tricks help sober you up?

FORGET the myths that black coffee and cold shower will sober you up faster.

Over-indulging on the wine, beer, champagne or spirits then getting behind the wheel is a sure-fire way to ruin not only your healthy but to also endanger your nearest and dearest.

Northern NSW Local Health District health promotions manager, Jillian Adams, said there was no short-cuts to cure a hangover.

"Time is only way to get sober," she said.

"People might think that exercise, black coffee or showering can get the alcohol out of your body faster but that's just a myth."

About 10 per cent of alcohol leaves the body in breath, sweat and urine, but most is broken down by the liver, which can only get rid of about one standard drink per hour.

Ms Adams said people can still be over the legal limit even a few hours after your last drink, even if they feel okay.

She said drinking less alcohol is one of the most important strategies to stay safe and healthy over the festive season.

Not only is alcohol a popular gift item, many people use it to self-medicate to cope with stress, loneliness and other emotional/relationship issues which see to get more intense over the festive season.

Strategies to stay safe around alcohol

A standard drink contains approximately 10 grams of alcohol e.g. a 100 mL glass of table wine; a 60 mL glass of fortified wine; a middy of regular beer; or 30 mL of spirits.

  • Alternative alcoholic drinks with water to or try a non-alcoholic.
  • Drinking no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion reduces the risk of alcohol-related injury.
  • Avoid topping drinks up: you can lose count of the amount drunk.
  • Have Plan B - book a taxi or have a non-drinking friend in charge of the car keys.
  • Eat beforehand to help slow the rate that alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • After a big night out you may still be over the limit the next morning.
  • Look after your mates, if they are drinking too much then suggest they stay over or get a taxi home.