OPINION: Nothing Pauline Hanson says will become a reality

THIS will be the first and last time I mention Pauline Hanson in an opinion piece.

You see, unlike others, I don't believe giving her views any sort of public platform does any good whatsoever.

My advice is to ignore whatever Pauline Hanson has go to say because it has zero chance of ever becoming a reality.

Yes, she got three Senators elected at the most recent poll, but as someone said on Lateline the other night that means that 95% of the population voted for someone else.

Frankly, I find this fascination with Hanson really, really tiresome. If you actually listen to her when she speaks she almost never begins and ends a sentence on the same subject.

There is no coherent political narrative unless you class stream of consciousness as an ideology.

People say Hanson is a 'clever' politician. I disagree. She is definitely street smart and a graduate of the school of hard knocks but her fish and chip shop know it all philosophy rarely makes any sense.

We are not being 'swamped' by Muslims any more than we were 'swamped' by Asians.

The indigenous people of this country would be more correct if they claimed they had been swamped by ignorant, red-haired Anglo Saxons.

Hanson merely has a knack of saying something controversial and then coming across as the victim as she is rightfully taken to task for her ill informed views.