UPDATE: Mark Jones, principal of Kawungan State School where Aaleyn and Matilda were students, said they were beautiful children.

He said Charmaine helped in the classroom every week.

Aaleyn had a talent for art and loved dress up days.

One day every child was told to come as a pirate, but Aaleyn wasn't keen on that.

Instead she came dressed as a cat and every pirate had a pet cat for the day, Mr Jones said.

The week before she died, she had joined in the fun of the under 8s events and had a great day.

Matilda had loved to learn and was sweet and caring towards others, Mr Jones said.

UPDATE: Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour has vowed the family of five killed in a horrific crash near Kingaroy will never be forgotten.

"I don't have the words to express what a tragedy this is," he said.

He said the tragic death of Charmaine Harris McLeod and her four children had shocked the whole community.

"It touches all of us," Cr Seymour said.

"It is something I think we will all remember for our whole lives whether we knew them or not as something that has touched us.

"They lived here in Hervey Bay in peace and happiness and that's something I'm thankful for.

"They were loved.

"It's a trying experience for our community, coming to terms with this heartbreaking loss."

UPDATE: Pastor Naomi Oksanen has remembered Charmaine Harris McLeod as a devoted mother, always willing to service her community and in particular the school community.

She said her faith was incredibly important to Charmaine and it was something she wanted to share with her children.

Charmaine had been attending Hervey Bay's C3 Limitless Church for about fourth months before she died.

Pastor Naomi shared her memories of the children with those gathered, remembering Aaleyn said being a child who loved school and reading, along with making new friends.

"She was a social butterfly," she said.

Matilda had a sense of fun and drama, loving to dress up and almost always donning a tiara.

Wyatt had a love of life and adventure and his little brother, Zaidok, idolised him.

"Each one adored their mother, who encouraged them to dream big and live life to the full," Pastor Naomi said.

EARLIER: A memorial is underway in Hervey Bay for four young children and their mother, killed in a crash near Kingaroy last month.

Hundreds of people have gathered at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre to remember Charmaine Harris McLeod, 35, and her children Aaleyn, 6, Matilda, 5, Wyatt, 4, and Zaidok, 2.

Pastor Naomi Oksanen from C3 Church is leading the ceremony.

A memorial is being held for the Hervey Bay mum and four young children killed in a crash near Kingaroy last month.
A memorial is being held for the Hervey Bay mum and four young children killed in a crash near Kingaroy last month.

Paying tribute to the lives of the family are Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour, Kawungan State School Principal Mark Jones, Tracey Brewin from the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and Pastor Ross Davie from Bayside Christian Church.