$10 Harley Davidson a winning ride

TANNUM Sands coal tester Gordon Slater is the proud new owner of a Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow 833 – and it only cost him $10.

The 50-year-old won the coveted prize by simply spending $10 on a Keno ticket.

And he still can’t believe he’s the owner of a Harley Davidson.

“I knew the Keno promotion was on and I thought ‘someone will win this’, but never in a million years did I think that someone would be me,” he said.

Mr Slater was drawn from hundreds of entries at his local, Tannum Sands Hotel, which he frequently visits.

Hotel manager Graham Bennett said he was thrilled that a regular, local patron of the venue had won the major prize in Keno’s most recent promotion.

“I’m absolutely thrilled Gordon won.

"I can’t think of a more deserving person to win the Harley,” Graham said.

“As you can imagine, we had hundreds of entries: I think everyone who came into the club to play Keno was praying they’d be riding off on that Harley Sportster,” he said.

“Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most popular promotions we’ve ever run.”

The bike was one of three Harley Davidsons given away by Keno across Queensland.