NEW ARRIVAL: Over 200 homes and businesses in Bell can now access the NBN.
NEW ARRIVAL: Over 200 homes and businesses in Bell can now access the NBN.

Have you been without internet today? Here's why

IF YOU have been wondering what is going on with your nbn connection today, scheduled maintenance work is being undertaken on one of the towers, impacting the wider Lismore district.

Customers in some areas have been without service since 7am this morning, but it should be resumed by 9pm tonight.

Nbn local manager, New South Wales Amber Dornbusch said; "Nbn is currently carrying out a planned upgrade to a local fixed wireless tower which is expected to improve the overall capacity of nbn's fixed wireless network”.

"Nbn apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the community for their patience as we carry out these infrastructure upgrades which are necessary from time to time.”

She said when there is a planned outage, nbn informs retail service providers, such as Telstra or Optus etc, before there is a planned outage that may affect services and they in turn pass the information on to their customers.

Ms Dornbusch said in future, if you experience an issue with your internet connection, there are a few things you can do.

Some things are out of the nbn's control, such as the quality of the modem in the home, how much bandwidth the service provider has purchased, their network design and even how much bandwidth they purchased in overseas cables to access content from abroad.

If your nbn internet connection is usually fine, and the outage is sudden, you should contact your service provider to report the issue. They will work to determine the cause of the problem, and if no fault is found at the premises or their own network, it will be escalated to nbn who will work with the Service Provider to resolve it.