The phone calls escalated after his wife left him.
The phone calls escalated after his wife left him. AdrianHillman

He lost his best friend, his wife and potentially his kids

A CENTRAL Queensland man whose wife left him for his best friend while he was working away from home has been given a prison term for stalking his former wife and making threats.

Jacob Adriaan Brynard, 28, pleaded guilty on Friday in Rockhampton District Court to one count of stalking.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said Brynard, from Raglan, contravened a domestic violence order when he made 152 calls and sent 268 SMSs in a two-week period in September 2017 including 99 SMSs and 129 calls in one day.

Mr Slack said the messages contained allegations the woman was keeping Brynard's children from him, demanding she stop seeing her new partner, threatened to harm the new partner and threatened to harm himself.

Mr Slack said police escorted Brynard to the family home on September 26 to collect his belongings and after that, Brynard called her 18 times in one day.

Defence barrister Scott Moon said Brynard was working at Hervey Bay when his wife "formed a new relationship with his best friend Ben".

"It has taken a big toll," Mr Moon said.

He said Brynard had lost his best friend, his wife and potentially his children.

"He hasn't seen his children for 18 months."

He said Brynard had not made any further contact with his former wife since his arrest in November 2017, other than through his solicitor regarding access to his children, and Brynard had been granted just two hours a fortnight at a contact centre.

Mr Moon said his client had taken steps for rehabilitation including a Positive Parenting course and counselling.

Brynard was sentenced to 21 months prison, suspended after one day as he had spent time in pre-sentence custody, with an operational period of three years.