Watch: Baby suffers with Whooping Cough

HEALTH ALERT: Infection spreading through Valley

THERE has been a number of confirmed cases of whooping cough in the Grafton area.

Yesterday, Grafton Public School posted on their Facebook page that a parent has informed the school a child had tested positive to whooping cough.

"There are also other cases at other schools and organisations in the Clarence Valley," the school wrote.

"Please be aware of the symptoms as your child could pick it up anywhere."


  • Whooping cough starts like a cold with a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, a mild fever and an occasional cough.
  • The cough gets worse and severe bouts of uncontrollable coughing develop. Coughing bouts can be followed by vomiting, choking or taking a big gasping breath which causes a "whooping" sound. The cough can last for many weeks and can be worse at night.
  • Some newborns may not cough at all but stop breathing completely and turn blue. Other babies have difficulties feeding or they can choke and gag.
  • Older children and adults may just have a mild cough that doesn't go away. In adults the cough commonly lasts 5-7 weeks, sometimes longer.

Whooping cough can be spread in the first three weeks of illness. The bacteria can be inhaled by babies, children and adults nearby.

For more information, head to the NSW Health Website.

Look out for a more in depth analysis of the outbreak in the Clarence Valley on The Daily Examiner website later today.