Recipe: Healthy mini bacon frittatas

I AM always on the lookout for ways to cut the kilojoule content in my daily food intake. Cutting out alcohol, soft drinks or even fruit juice are a no-brainer. They add "empty" kilojoules in that they are full of sugar but we gain nothing apart from a spare tyre around the waist. There are other hidden traps; fat in pastry is a biggie. But if you make a quiche without a pastry base it actually becomes a healthy meal. A quiche with no pastry can also be called a frittata. Try these mini frittatas for breakfast; they're tasty and healthy.

Mini breakfast frittatas


 75g lean bacon  

 oil spray or a little melted butter to grease muffin tin  

 3 cherry tomatoes, halved  

 3 free-range eggs  

 3 tsp chopped fresh parsley, basil or rosemary  

 salt and black pepper to taste.

METHOD: Preheat oven to 180C. Dice lean bacon and cook in a non-stick frypan over medium heat until lightly browned. Spray a six-hole non-stick muffin tin with olive oil spray or brush with a little melted butter. Cut six squares of baking paper large enough to line each hole in the tin (pleat the edges to roughly fit).

Divide bacon into six portions and drop into each muffin hole. Add half a cherry tomato to each hole. Crack eggs into a jug and add chopped herbs. Whisk gently until combined and pour over bacon and tomato. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Cook at 180C for 20 minutes or until egg is set and tops are golden brown. Serves two.

Variations: Try chopped smoked salmon and a little grated tasty cheddar; or chopped wilted silverbeet with crumbled feta; or sauteed sliced mushrooms and brie.

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