STAR: Beccy Cole, also known as Beccy Sturtzel and Bec O'Donovan, is an Australian country music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
STAR: Beccy Cole, also known as Beccy Sturtzel and Bec O'Donovan, is an Australian country music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Hear Beccy Cole roar this weekend

LIONESS is the latest album by Country star Beccy Cole, who is performing old a new hits this weekend in Casino.

Cole said the Casino show is the last of her Lioness tour and it will feature a full band and some surprises.

"We will have our full band , there will be six of us on stage, and it's an all-girl band so the girls that played on the record plus some girls that have been touring with me for the last few years; they area fun bunch and it's been a great tour," she said.

"There are certain songs from the last couple of decades that people have come to expect so we are putting on a show that is a mixture of our older stuff as well as a selection from the new record."

Cole explained that she keeps her old hits' original sound while allowing her music to evolve.

"There is a natural evolution in the way we approach music as you go along, and to make an old song fit with a new song, and as the actual musicianship changes, there are certain nuances that change along the way, but essentially, whatever made that song popular, all those elements remain while you can still bring something new to it."

The artist said the songs in Lioness were written together and were always meant to be part of an album.

"We went straight into the studio within the same three-month period, so they are all pretty fresh in that sense," she explained.

"The approach to writing the songs and recording was very organic, coming to the studio and see how it all bounds together with this bunch of musicians before me.

"As a really different way to make a record, I really enjoyed it," she added.

Out of Lioness, a couple of songs stand up due to the stories behind them and one of them is Coromandel Valley, about Cole growing up in that area in South Australia.

"The song pays tribute to my mother (Carole Sturtzel) who was a singer and I grew up listening to her, then later on singing with her in a mother and daughter duo there," she rememberd.

"So many happy memories, and i just wanted that to be captured in a song."

"The more emotion you feel when you are writing the song, the more it become special," she said.

Another song from Lioness is My Wife's Got Balls.

"Earlier this year I got married (to musician Libby O'Donovan)," she said.

"I have a very brave wife and this is my tongue-in-cheek way of saying it. It's a very popular song. I get a lot of requests for it and it's obviously in the show."

"We can't do every single song in the album but this is one we could not get away with not doing at the moment!"

"There is a huge element of humour in country music, and of course in me music as well."

Lioness, the title song, is also a personal project for Cole.

"There is, again, an element of humour in Lioness," she explained.

"There are three scenarios, and they all end up in a point of embarrassment for me, so it all comes down to a moment in the song when it says 'look what happens when you are not with me'.

"I always get myself into trouble when she's not there.

"It's essentially a love story."

and a strong one, because it says 'I'm braver, I'm more on track, I am heading in the right direction when she is holding my hand' but it's said in a cheeky, funny way."

  • At Casino RSM Club, 162 Canterbury St, Casino, this Saturday from 8pm. Visit