Hearts melt for Golden Gaynetto combination

THE Golden Gaynetto is here.

In case the name didn't give it away, it's part Cornetto, part Golden Gaytime.

A year ago, stores went into meltdown with shoppers stocking up on tubs of Golden Gaytime ice cream.

Golden Gaynettos are available at servos and corner stores from today, as well as from Woolworths. 

Last night, manufacturer Streets Ice Cream took to Facebook to announce the tasty marriage of icy favourites. 

"Introducing the ultimate food love-child, a mash-up of Golden Gaytime and Cornetto... the Golden Gaynetto," the post read. 

Social media has been talking about the combination overnight, with most saying they're keen to give it a go.

"Whilst the Gaytime ice cream tub was fairly disappointing, this incarnation of Gaytime looks promising," Alex Falon wrote.

"I literally just went to the supermarket and got healthy stuff to cook - diet ruined," joked Ashlee Thrum.