IN THE RAW: Heidi Turunen from Rawlicious Delicious makes sweets and slices but is expanding her range to include savoury delicacies too.
IN THE RAW: Heidi Turunen from Rawlicious Delicious makes sweets and slices but is expanding her range to include savoury delicacies too. Max Fleet BUNRAW

Heidi digs into raw savouries after dessert success

WITH almost 5000 Facebook fans, an e-book and desserts stocked in cafes across the region, Heidi Turunen's Rawlicious Delicious is a great local success story.

Now she is expanding her range into raw savoury offerings.

Ms Turunen started her Bundaberg business just over a year ago and said she never expected it would grow so quickly.

"It was just a really small-scale business," Ms Turunen said.

"But in the last six months it has just exploded with the cafes and everything."

Ms Turunen is now stocked in four Bundaberg cafes including Oodies in North Bundaberg and Casuarina Place in Elliott Heads and has just scored her first supermarket stockist with Learmonth's Foodworks in Southside Central but doesn't forget how it all began.

"We started doing the (Shalom) markets," Ms Turunen said.

"Then we went to a couple of cafes to ask if they'd be interested in my product. And they were," Ms Turunen said.

Ms Turunen said it all began to grow from there.

"People who went to those cafes found my product and started contacting me, then it just expanded and it exploded," she said.

But despite the growth Ms Turunen remains the only employee in her business although credits the support of her fiancé Tom Rein.

"Sometimes it's hard, some week's its really hectic," Ms Turunen admitted.

"Before we did the Winter Feast market a couple of weeks ago I worked over 10 hour days all week ... so some weeks are hectic and some weeks not so much ."

Ms Turunen said she knew her start-up business was competing with a lot of others in the food market.

"But I think (mine's) new here (in Bundaberg), I only do vegan and raw food," Ms Turunen said.

"So it differs from everything else here and I always stick to it, that's my product that's all I do, I don't do anything else.

"Even if someone wanted me to do cakes with eggs or whatever I don't do that because it's not me, I'm just sticking to what I know and what's me."

Ms Turunen said the expansion from sweets in savoury came purely from ongoing customer requests.

"A lot of people kept asking me 'Do you have anything savoury?'," she said.

"Then after months and months of thinking about it I thought maybe I'll just give it a try and it's been getting really good feedback."

A raw nacho platter, raw stuffed mushrooms with garlic cream and a raw pizza of the day with side salad are some of Rawlicious Delicious's new savoury offerings.

Ms Turunen felt it was important that her business responded to the demands of is customers.

"It's still a similar product, all the savoury I do is still vegan and raw, so I stick to that," Ms Turunen said.

"But I think it's important to listen because that's obviously what people wanted."

Every month, Rawlicious Delicious goes through:

  • 20kg cashews
  • 20kg dates
  • 20kg almonds
  • 12L coconut oil
  • 12L rice malt syrup
  • 50 cans coconut cream