EXTREME HEAT: Temperatures in the Nothern Rivers will soar following the last of the rain.
EXTREME HEAT: Temperatures in the Nothern Rivers will soar following the last of the rain. yokeetod

Hello summer: It's going to be a hot week

BRACE yourselves for a few true summer days - it's been muggy with the clouds hanging around but temperatures are set to soar.

Temperatures in Lismore are expected to exceed 30C for the remainder of the week, with surrounding towns also set to cop the heat.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, Nick Neynens, said there was a high chance of showers and possibly severe thunderstorms in the Northern Rivers this afternoon, but will become less likely tomorrow as temperatures warm up.

Lismore is set for 31C tomorrow and Thursday, increasing to 33C Friday and staying in the 30s on Saturday and possibly Sunday.

Casino residents can also expect some hot summer days, with temperatures reaching 32C tomorrow, 34C Thursday and 35C on Friday.

Afternoon storms are expected for coastal towns including Ballina today before temperatures increase to 30C tomorrow and Thursday, and 31C on Friday, then staying in the high 20s over the weekend.

Tops of 29C for Byron Bay until Friday where it will reach 30C before cooling slightly for Saturday.

We may see some relief on the weekend, but not much.

"There is a trough looking likely to come through late Friday which will cool things down very slightly after the weekend,” Mr Neynens said.

It's a summery start to December after a warmer than average spring.

BoM's 2017 spring summary confirmed it was the driest September on record for New South Wales, which made way for a wet October, and average rainfall totals in November made for an average amount of rainfall for the season - although 14 per cent below the long-term mean.

Byron Bay residents experienced the warmest nights on average with 17.4C, and the wettest place was Mullumbimby (Fairview Farm) where 478.5mm fell during spring, despite receiving no rainfall during September.

Ballina also took the record for the highest spring temperature in eight years with 38.2C on September 28, slightly up from the previous record of 38.1C on November 17 2009.

The average state temperature for spring is 24.9C.

Other BoM stats for Spring 2017:

  • Spring 2017 was 1.68C warmer than average for New South Wales, the eighth-warmest spring on record; this is warmer than spring 2016 but cooler than 2014 and 2015.
  • The state's mean maximum temperature was 2.07C above average; warmer than average daytime temperatures were recorded across most of the State apart from the north east.
  • The mean minimum temperature for spring was 1.28C above average, the equal fifth-warmest on record.