Help wildlife by becoming a WIRES hotliner

PEOPLE often think being a WIRES volunteer is only about hands-on caring for animals.

However, not all members are involved in rescue and care. One very important role in the Northern Rivers branch is that of the WIRES hotliner.

These volunteers are on the front line of the action - the first point of contact in any rescue or advice request. Their primary responsibility is to take the details from the caller and then contact the right person, either a rescuer or a species coordinator, to provide assistance.

Shifts are normally two to four hours long. Some people do regular shifts while others cover casual vacancies.

All hotliners must be WIRES members and complete the service's basic training. In addition, there is a half-day course to prepare people for the hotline role.

For more information call the WIRES hotline on 6628 1898.