WIRES Northern Rivers posted this photo of a snake tangled in plastic.
WIRES Northern Rivers posted this photo of a snake tangled in plastic.

Help wildlife: Discard of rubbish thoughtfully

WIRES Northern Rivers have apppealed to local residents to dispose of rubbish in a thoughtful way in order to help wildlife.

"Many small plastic items are colourful and interesting," WIRES Northern Rivers wrote on their Facebook page.

"Curious wildlife may swallow them or end up 'wearing' them.

"Drink cans are deadly traps. Small snakes may become trapped inside - snakes are unable to back up because of the structure of their scales.

"Other small creatures poke a nose in and are unable to pull their heads out.

"Plastic bags are notorious: wildlife may eat them or be caught inside them.

"Plastic bags end up in our waterways, endangering turtles and platypus and cluttering the environment for marine life.

WIRES Northern Rivers said they receive a large number of calls to rescue birds injured by or tangled in fishing line, and advised local residents to keep discarded line and dispose of it responsibly if you go fishing.

"Orchard netting, often left in piles in yards or sheds when no longer needed, is a common trap for snakes and small animals," WIRES said.

"Store netting securely where wildlife cannot access it.

"Learn how to use netting properly to protect your trees without endangering wildlife.

"Local recycling programs and free tip days make it easier than ever to dispose of plastics and other items.

"Take a little bit of time to consider how you dispose of rubbish or store unused garden items.

"How we responsibly dispose of rubbish can help prevent severe injuries and death to inquisitive or hungry creatures."